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Earn Pts For Partner Visits (SD Residents)

Welcome to our Community Reward Partners, a free community challenge where you can earn rewards for supporting your favorite local businesses and visiting your self-care service providers. Use reward points to redeem for free health products from our MFN Performance line, Mike's training plans, amazon gift cards or donate points to charity!


This challenge is open to anyone and everyone within the U.S! 


1) Tag us @mfnperformance, our founder @mikepro_champion and @nameofbusiness each time you visit any of our partners below.

2) By the end of each month, email us a copy of all your shoutout photos to so we can verify and load your rewards within 1-2 days! Thats it! If you visit 4 different places each month, that's an automatic $40 rewards!


If visiting a restaurant, take a photo of your food or selfie of yourself in the store! For service providers, take a photo of you at the location of business or with the person you're seeing. 


Some of our reward partners may also provide a special discount (Listed below) just for mentioning that your're a member!

*If you would like to nominate or suggest a business to be featured on here. Email us at  


PT Eatery

@pteatery (San Diego)

Also known as Phuong Trang's sister restaurant, PT Eatery serves vietnamese foods such as pho, spring rolls, noodles, rice and many others. 


@nozomilajolla (La Jolla)

Nozomi is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving quality Japanese fusion that reflect the unique culinary background of Chef Han. At Nozomi, we strive to extend that same sense of family to each and every one of our guests while serving quality Asian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. MENTION YOU'RE A MIKEFIT MEMBER AND GET 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE BILL. (Applies to all regular price items).

Happy Lemon San Diego

@happylemonsandiego (3 Locations: Convoy | Eastlake | Del Mar 

Happy Lemon is a global Bubble Tea Franchise established in China in 2006. Happy Lemon spans around the world in over 1500 locations including Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. It is one of the few Bubble Tea brands that is publicly traded in the world.


@bonchonsd ( 2 Locations: Convoy | National City)

Established in 2006. Based in New York City, Bonchon is a franchise specialized in Korean style fried chicken and a variety of savory Asian dishes. Bonchon has travelled far and wide from Busan, South Korea, to become the internationally loved brand it is today.


Jasmine Seafood 

@jasmineseafood (San Diego)

Jasmine is an award winning chinese cuisine and dim sum restaurant in San Diego. Founded in 1993, they serve all kinds of foods loved by many.

Banh Mi BLVD

@banhmiblvd (Mira Mesa)

Baguettes from scratch every day to make the freshest Banh Mi sandwiches around! Also known for their Banh Mi Taco and Banh Mi Blvd Fries! Vietnamese drip-style, iced coffee with variety of other teas and bobas.