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Mike's Amazon-Endorsed Products

We are proud to be an an exclusive partner with Amazon.com! Here is a list of products that are used by our colleagues, family members, clients, members, and friends. There is also a short written review and analysis of each product by us so you can understand why I use them and how they can benefit your new high performance lifestyle. - Mike & The MikeFit MFN Team


1) All-Natural Stevia Sweetener by SweetLeaf (Perfect Sugar Substitute without Artificial Ingredients)

This is the All-Natural Sweetener that I use and recommend to many people. Perfect to put into oatmeal, baked goods, tea, coffee and anything else for extra sweetness without artificial ingredients, sugars, or calories. Stevia is a sweetener that comes from the stevia leaf and is considered to be all-natural and safe without the harsh after taste such as those that comes from artificial sweeteners. It is also especially great for those who are diabetic because stevia enhances sweetness yet doesn't affect your blood sugar levels. I personally use this on everything especially with my tea. 

2) Digital Food Scale by EAT SMART PRO (For measuring lean meats, liquid & everything else you can think of!)

These guys do a great job with the food scale. I have one myself and like the "black chrome" color. They can measure all of your protein meals and pretty much anything that needs to be weighed accurately. Their pricing for such a quality product is also a big PLUS! Lastly, this digital scale is really easy to use.

3) Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Hydro-Flask 

I have a 64 oz. Insulated bottle. It is basically unbreakable and you may have seen many people using this. These bottle are good because they can hold hot or cold water for up to an entire day! I have put cold water with ice in my bottle before it 3 days later, it was still cold even when I left it out at room temp. For most people, I recommend you use the 32 oz bottle to get your daily water intake in. If you are like me or is extremely active, investing in a 40 or 64 oz bottle would be a good idea so you don't have to refill it several times a day. 

4) Complete Heavy Duty Machine Home Gym Set by Marcy Fitness Brand

This home set set is almost identical to the one that I purchased for myself when I first started strength training. It has all the features and equipment to train your entire body in a safe and effective manner. What I also like about this is that it goes up to 200 lbs as opposed to most home gym (going up to only 100 to 150 lbs). Quality is great, price is right, and it lasts basically a lifetime. You can get the additional "protection plan" on this but I don't think you need to. Amazon charges $158 for it to be delivered to you assembled-which I think is fine if you dont have time to assemble it yourself.

5) Home Treadmill by Pro-Form Performance Brand

Great for all levels of training, the ProForm performance 400 Treadmill is what I like. It allows you to easily adjust the speed and interval of your run . There is also 18 default (already set up) cardio programs designed for you by certified personal trainers that you can select and follow right away. There is also an EKG grip pulse heart rate monitor that allows you to check your heart rate by gripping the bar on the treadmill. Lastly, I like that it comes with an extra cushioning technology which helps reduces impact on your joints, feet and knees. A big plus in my book. ASSEMBLY= (I don't think you need to pay extra to assemble this. PROTECTION PLAN = Yes, I think a 2-3 year protection plan with this is fine but completely up to you.

6) Women's Weight Training/Lifting Gloves by Harbinger (For Women Looking to Prevent Callus during Training)

For women looking to prevent callus and/or need to take care of their hands, a glove designed for lifting weights while also being comfortable is what we look for. The brand I recommend is from Harbinger as they are known for developing very high quality gloves. Most of my female clients uses a size small which I think would be best for 90% of women. These last a long time (up to several years) and the price is very good.

7) Vitamin D 5,000 IU by Thorne Research (Professional Grade Vitamin D Supplement)

Vitamin D is what I recommend for all women looking to support healthy bone, immune and reproductive system. For people who also do not get at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day, a vitamin d supplement can fix this. In terms of brands, I recommend thorne research because the owners and formulators are similar to me. They are all qualified experts and specialists on human health including PHDs, MDs, and many other experienced nutrition experts on their team.

8) Home Gym Set by BodyMax PT600 Brand (Great Value & High Quality Body-weight Gym Set for Pushups, Pull-ups, Dips, Leg Raises)

This is a ridiculously great home get station if you happen to already be fairly advanced when it comes to lifting your own body weight. It can also be great if you aren't able to lift your own body weight yet but happen to want to improve on it. For just $119 - I really think this is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to purchasing a gym set that doesnt take up much space, yet can allow you to do a lot of body weight movements. You can train your back, shoulders, chest, and arms as well as your abs at the same time.

9) BPA-FREE & Microwavable Meal Prep Containers by FitPack.

Here is a good BPA-FREE and high quality meal prep container. Price is good, size is perfect and microwave safe. Can be used to prepare meals in advance for up to 5 days.

10) Matcha Tea from Kenko (Matcha Tea from Japan - Premium Quality)

Add to Green Tea Smoothies, makes matcha green tea latte! Delicious matcha cakes and sweet matcha green tea ice cream, matcha chocolate or even matcha cupcakes! Drink as a tea, Matcha Tea Smoothies, or green tea protein shakes.

11) Digital Weight Scale by EAT PRO SMART 

This is a digital bodyweight scale to track your bodyweight each week. Great scale, 26k customer great reviews and lasts a long time. Also by the eat smart brand that I recommend for digital food scale . 

12) Pull-up and Weighted Dip Belt by Harbinger

This is the one that we use at World Gym. Great quality belt to attach more weights so you can push harder every time!.

13) Chalk for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, or Climbing. (Chalk ball version)

We like this mainly because it comes in a little drawstring to prevent things getting messy. Perfect for heavy deadlifting, power cleans, or any intense pulling work.

14) More

More special products.