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Recommended Products from Mike & The MFN Team

Here you can view all the tried and true favorites from our community members. We put them here for you to get the exact items and best types of deals so you can save money while getting the best products on amazon.   

*Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. There is no additional cost to you for purchasing any of the items. We simply list it for your convenience.

 Home Gym & Circuit Equipment

These are some top equipment tools that is inexpensive, versatile yet provide a ton of exercise options for you.

Kitchen & Meal Prepping Essentials

These are kitchen equipments that will surely help your fitness journey.

Barbell Pads, Gloves & Wraps 

These are specialized tools to make your training more comfortable and effective.

Gym Sets/Treadmills/Bodyweight Stations

These are personally my favorite home gym sets for strength training, hiit cardio and bodyweight training.

Natural Sweeteners for Coffee, Tea & Baking

These are not only physique friendly, but also safe for diabetics and those looking to burn fat, lose weight and stay away with sugars on top of artificial sweeteners. Stevia and monk fruit are they main ingredients for healthy sweeteners that you should look for.

Unique Nutrients, Herbs & Condiments

These are good for you to upgrade and include into your fitness and performance plan since they give you more nutrients that your body needs.

Best Healthy Cooking Oils

These are the best types of oils that you can cook with for every type of food item.

Safety, Injury Prevention & Recovery

These are products that we recoomend for those with personal pain, aches injury management.

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