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Today we’d like to introduce you to Pete Ciccone RN BSN CSCS. Pete is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Registered Nurse & Personal Trainer with 30 years of training experience. As the CEO of 619 Muscle, Pete and his Wife is a power couple who manages thousands of athletes and fitness competitors in the Southern California Area.

Can you walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today? 

I started playing around with weights at around 13 or 14 years of age. I was playing Pop Warner football, and was a “little guy” compared to the other boys. My Dad suggested I start pumping some iron to get stronger so I could compete with the bigger kids. Well, through High School, I remained one of the “little guys” (ever see the movie, “Rudy”? lol) – but I loved playing football, so I kept pounding the weights, reading and learning about how strength training could help change the body…and I began to see, over time, little muscles sprouting here and there! – I fell in love with the feeling of being able to control the way my body looked (or would eventually look); I read everything I could on nutrition, exercise, and bodybuilding, all the muscle mags, books on nutrition…I was on fire to learn about these two powerful new tools I had discovered!

Tell us about your company or what you do and known for?

At 619 MUSCLE, we are a Team of seasoned fitness professionals, working together to deliver the most-experienced training and nutritional coaching services available to the greater Southern California region and online. Our Team of certified professional trainers have more than 100 cumulative years (yes, it’s true!) of real hands-on experience working with clients of all levels, from the soccer mom or general fitness enthusiast, to the professional athlete. Our Team has successfully coached literally hundreds of athletes to the contest stage, or toward their own personal best ever!.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your work?

My customer base is rich in achievements in our game, with pro- and national level bodybuilders, figure and bikini competitors, all are champions and they all come in through my doors. It's rewarding to be able to work with all types of people which motivates me as an athlete myself. My proudest moment is when I get to hear our athletes not only placing or winning at their show but also achieving something beyond what they expect from themselves. 

Were there any struggles or challenges along the way? How did you overcome it?

I'm very blessed, sincerely. I've got an amazing wife Meriza, who is a figure olympian athlete and has a successful women's training business - supporting, tolerating, and sharing this lifestyle with me. Together, Meriza and I work as a team to keep our household foundation solid. From that solid base of operations, I am lucky enough to do what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DO...share my passion for this amazing way of life, the bodybuilding lifestyle. The only challenge or struggle is that some would say I work a lot! I like to think I am blessed enough to do what I love, every day of my life. So, what some would call imbalance, I look at as extreme wealth! No, not financial wealth, but reminding myself that it's a blessing of being able to do and share what I love each day. 

What are your personal hobbies outside of your passion/work? Aside from preparing my athletes for shows and running our business, a movie and dinner with Meriza or staying in cooking together is always a fun time.


Personal Training: $75 to $100 per session

Online Contest Prep for NPC Shows (Physique, Bodybuilding & Bikini): Package starts at $500

Posing Sessions : $45 to $60 per session

Contact Info:

Website: www.619muscle.com

Email: pete@619muscle.com


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