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Train with Mike in San Diego, California!

Train with Mike One Hour. Twice a week. Guaranteed Maximum Transformation. 

Mike believes every person should be able to see immediate changes and results after completing just one truly properly executed workout. For this reason, his training style is unlike any typical personal training programs. From the very first session together, Mike will be able to determine exactly where you are at, what you are potentially capable of, and structure the workout to suit you perfectly while pushing you to new levels and beyond.

What to Expect: Many clients have mentioned that Mike’s workouts are the most intense form of training they have ever done in their entire lives. That being said, they also have come to enjoy and look forward to conquering every session. 

Typical Results: Every single person who has ever gone through Mike’s training programs has made drastic visible improvements in just one 1 month of training with full transformation in 2-3 months. In addition, most clients workout with Mike only 2 times a week while producing maximum results.

Session Length: 55 minutes focusing on proper training intensity with maximum attention to correct form, advanced lifting technique, proper rest periods, breathing tempo, and individual mechanics (aka how to lift and train in your strongest range based on your body type, structure, and frame). 

Mike's Personal Training Options:

1-on-1 Training : $100 to $85 per session

Partner Training (2 People)  $75 per person

Small Group Training (3 People Max) : $60 per person

*Gym membership, nutrition plan development, and unlimited support are all complimentary on certain package programs, please call or email for additional details or questions.

Best way to contact Mike: As one of the busiest fitness professionals in San Diego, Mike is actively working with clients all day and may not be able to answer his phone. It is best to text him at 619-808-9103 or to email him at with the subject title as "training/ coaching service". 

Mike's Gym Location: The address to Mike's gym is 2949 Garnet Ave, San Diego, 92109 also called "World Gym, San Diego"

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