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Product Review (submitted on May 27, 2020):
I decided to buy this program during the COVID-19 Quarantine (in case you are reading this at a later date) and I credit this program for helping me get back on track with my fitness goals & back into shape. I decided to initially purchase the guide for two reasons: 1. I know Mikes workouts are killer (from past experience) & 2. I needed a program that I could easily follow and stay on track with that I didn't have to design myself. This program did exactly that for me!

The guide comes with beginner and advanced circuits in addition to upper body & lower body weight training workouts. He provides the guidelines at the start of the program and gives examples of how you can create a schedule them. The examples are helpful since it is a general program and not a customized plan. Due to the way the guide is designed you can start of easy and push yourself harder as you go so that you are constantly growing and not plateauing. You can either do a more advanced circuit or more reps. The guide recommends writing down your reps and weights so you can see your success and continue to push harder. I will say that it will be very hard when you start because you may not be able to walk or lift your arms HAHA, but if you can push through and stay committed you will become fit & strong! You do work out 5 days a week with this program so if you are just starting out you can always try and easier MFN program first prior to advancing to the SHRED Bundle

The workouts were/are short, but difficult. This made me love the program even more because it was easier to motivate myself to get going if I knew the workout was less that 30 minutes! I also love that it has circuits because it helps me control how often i'm stopping, this is a difficulty I can have especially when weight lifting. When you are at home working out alone it's hard enough to motivate yourself so the circuits really keep you going!

Since this program requires high energy it is beneficial having the diet to go along with it. The shred nutrition plan helps you keep your energy levels high while still enjoying a lot of the foods that you don't want to give up. I personally had a hard time following the diet due to the quarantine, but I also didn't feel that it was the right diet for me at the time. I had amazing results even without following the diet strictly. My weight did not change too much, but man my body sure did, my muscles grew strong and i became much more toned. I can't imagine how much better my results would be if I was more disciplined.

This guide may seem expensive, but considering you will have it forever (it is good minimum 6 weeks) & you can revisit, reuse or modify the workouts in the future it is definitely worth the cost. Plus you get MFN points you can credit towards additional purchases to get more discounts yasssss!

PS if you want to do this program at home , but can't do all the workouts or just have questions regarding the workouts then reach out to Mike or one of his team members. They will be happy to help you find a solution that works for you at no extra cost ;) just an extra perk!