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MFN Performance Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in receiving a sponsorship/partnership with The MikeFit MFN Performance trademarked brands. Our company was built on the foundation of passion for the high performance lifestyle. This is why we offer world-class training programs, educational health guides and nutritional products that is meant to unlock every pathway to physical health and fitness success.

We are extremely interested in sponsoring the following types of people and organizations:

  • YouTube & Instagram Collabs: If you have a channel or page that is focused on health, fitness, fashion and athletics, we'll send you free products to test, review and give us a shoutout in exchange. Requirements is that your channel have at least 5,000 youtube subscribers or 2,000 instagram followers. 
  • Competition Events:  Add value to your show and event by giving your participants and finalists world-champion developed programs, workout gear and health formulas to enhance their lifestyle!
  • Blogger Partnerships & Giveaways: We can provide our best-selling MFN health formulas and workout gear to your awesome readers and fans as part of fun giveaways as well as for reviews!


You may submit an application by answering the following questions below and submit. We will contact you within 30 days. If you do not hear from us by then, please understand and don't be discouraged. Your proposal may just be something we currently don't find fitting or matching our companys goal at the moment. We welcome you to try again 3-4 months later.


Sponsorship Application Questionnaire

Sponsorship Application Questionnaire

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We currently do not offer NO monetary sponsorship: If you are seeking monetary (money payment) support, do not submit a sponsorship application. If sponsorship is granted, it will be in the form of generous products and services with special discounts and rewards by MikeFit and MFN Performance.