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At MikeFit Business (MFB) HQ, we believe in providing the very best training programs for our members with entrepreneurial aspirations. We believe in helping people build their minds, their business and ultimately, their life. Whether you're an independent professional/business owner just starting out, or your brand is established but stuck in a plateau, Mike and his team can help you take to the next level through business coaching, training guides and skill building courses. The MIKEFIT Business HQ is our learning center dedicated to help you start, grow or save your business.

Mike specializes in 5 areas of entrepreneurship.

1: Finding the right customer/target audience (to bring in new and maintain business)

2: How to market yourself, your business and your offerings (both in person and online)

3: Planning for both short and long-term success (to build a real brand that people remember for years to come)

4: Building a career without sacrificing your morals and values

5: Leadership & Management


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  • 30-Minute Business Coaching Session

  • Startup Success (4-Week Program)

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  • Next Level Growth : (4-Week Program)

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  • Total Business Makeover : (12-Week Program)

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