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    If you have not seen any visible improvements for several months/or years; let Mike develop a workout plan for you designed to push your body to new levels, master new training techniques, strengthen up weak body parts and give you a solid structure on what to do each time you're at the gym.

    Your Personalized Training Plan Includes all the Following: 1) A Complete Weight/Strength Training Plan: Consisting of the Best Exercises, Proper Order, # of Reps/Sets, and How Often to Train Each Week (Based on your gym equipment, schedule, and physical limitations) 2) A Cardio Workout Plan: Showing you when, how much, and best type of Cardio to go for! 3) Mike's Signature Training Techniques To Make Each Exercise More Beneficial for your Body Type. 4) A Guide to Recovery, Breathing, Intensity and How to Warm Up 5) Workout Plan Designed Based On Your Equipment & Gym Preference Learn More



    Have Mike develop a personal nutrition plan based on your individual metabolism, health history, fitness level, body type and personal goals. Your Nutrition Plan Includes: - Recommended Calorie & Macro-nutrient Requirements - The Best Range of Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Water, Fruits & Vegetables Matching Your Body - Approved List of Foods, Condiments & Beverages - Example Meal Plan & Schedule - Portion Range for Each Food Group - Personal Nutrition & Health Strategies

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    This is a online plan that is perfect if you want maximum support no matter what circumstances may come up during the year. This Coaching Plan includes all the following Benefits: 1) Unlimited Adjustments To Your Plan (It can be nutrition or training related) - Most of the time, the proper adjustment to your diet and training may be more important than just a starting plan. Whenever you decide to have new goals, different food preferences, or hit a plateau, just contact me for an adjustment based on how your body is changing. 2) Unlimited Text & Email Support! - Have a question on what you should eat when on vacation? Or how to calculate the calories or macros? Just text Mike! 3) Unlimited Assessments & Progress Photos - Every 2-4 weeks, feel free to send photos to Mike to assess your physique. Learn More

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