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What makes our MFN workout classes and group training so different?

  1. Led by Mike Nguyen, Quintuple-Certified Specialist in Exercise Science, Nutrition, Fat Loss Training, Sports Injury Prevention & Women's Fitness: This guarantees you will be getting the absolute best fitness performance and transformation results possible with the added benefits of knowing all workouts are safely designed to help you get in incredible shape while becoming lean and strong at the same time. 
  2. World-Class State of the Art Equipment: Dumbbells, barbells, strongman weighted sleds, gladiator walls, pull-ups, step-up and dip stations to work every body part you can think of! Our gym facility uses premium rubber mats to minimize impact on joints along with a clean and sanitary environment. 
  3. Uses the MFN Training Principles in all classes that has transformed thousands of men and women in California!
  4. World Champion Results: All Classes are designed to deliver world-class results by helping you burn a ton of calories and body fat in as little time as possible. Workouts are focused on resistance/strength training in combination with circuit training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and metabolism conditioning. As a world champion athlete in multiple sports; Mike will help you tap into your true strengths, eliminate your weaknesses and help you move, perform and push to your true genetic potential.  


- Flex Friday Class (Train at your own pace 5 - 9pm anytime) = $15 or venmo mike @mikepro_champion

- Saturday Circuit Class (Group Training 2pm) = $20 (Please call or message Mike to check dates and reserve) 


*Please be sure to fill out the one-time New Client FREE Evaluation Form upon placing your order to participate in all future classes with Mike. 


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  • MFN Flex Friday/Open Gym (5 - 8pm) * No reservation needed.

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