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Success Stories

Jessica O.

Mike was able to help me get into my all time best shape in just several months. Thanks to him, I feel I have improved my overall wellness, outlook, and mindset. I am grateful that I chose Mike as my trainer in San Diego!read more...

Jeremy H.
ER Technician

Mike has introduced me to a world of potential that I had never known existed. He has tapped into my capabilities and has shown me that even my own physical restrictions can’t stop me from achieving what I want. I will continue to work with him not only because I know he will help me achieve my goals, but because I want to be around an inspiring individual who commits himself entirely to the success of others.read more...

Khalil M..
Arm Wrestling Champion

Mike is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to building the body. There is no one else I would rather turn to when it comes to taking my training to another level.read more...

Rachel V.

Mike has helped me reach my fitness goal I've been dreaming for a long time! I've never worked so hard and had such wonderful results in a short amount of time. 8 weeks to be exact. I hate him when we're working out, but after seeing my results, I love him to death. Thanks Superman Mike!read more...

Kevin T.
Certified Personal Trainer

Training with Mike has been an eye opening experience. Within a 3 months, I was able to increase my bench press from 185 pounds to 275 pounds with much better form and technique while adding a little over 20 pounds of muscle which I never thought was possible to do. Thanks to Mike, I now believe there are no limits to what a person can achieve.read more...

Robbin L.
Mixed Martial Artist

Mike is nicknamed "Superman" for a reason. Not only does he have strength and intelligence, he has always been a savior for my workouts. With his excellent supplement and nutrition suggestions, I am no longer wasting money and time with all the unneeded guess work! I enjoy training with Mike because he really pushes me during the workouts. I feel like a machine thanks to Mike!read more...