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Here at, our mission is to help as many people as possible unlock their potential, break plateaus and discover their true abilities within the realm of physical fitness, strength and performance. Under the supervision of World Champion Athlete, Renowned Fitness and Nutrition Expert Mike Nguyen; our products ranges from professionally designed workout programs, nutrition guides, educational videos, expert services and our very own MFN Performance brand of nutritional supplements. 

 The MFN Performance Advantage


 Founded by Mike Nguyen; the MFN Performance product line was designed with the highest level of quality, safety, and efficacy in order to produce radically different results. To that end, here are the top four reasons that we’re different from every other nutritional supplément on the market:

1. Built By The Best:

Based on ongoing research in the most cutting-edge medical and nutritional arenas, MFN’s specialty formulas are designed by some of the top sports scientists, health practitioners, and physicians in the world. The formulas are then nutritionally perfected to meet the standards of CEO Mike Nguyen based on his life-long research, education, and background as a quintuple-certified fitness specialist and world champion athlete. (This unique collaboration allows our MFN products to truly stand out and deliver benefits that are unmatched by any other brands in the world). While most fitness companies are owned by marketing experts; our company is owned and operated only by real qualified fitness and medical professionals with a genuine passion for HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE RESULTS.

2. Keeping It Real:

We won’t ever offer you a nutritional product that we wouldn’t give to OUR OWN FAMILY MEMBERS. As far as we’re concerned, your health and results come first; it’s as simple as that. That’s exactly why you won’t ever find any unnecessary “mystery”, unhealthy, or unsafe ingredients in our products. 

3. Made By The Book:

Every MFN product is manufactured in a United States-based facility that is not only FDA-Registered and Inspected, but also GMP-Certified. (The GMP  aka “Good Manufacturing Practices” destination is awarded to U.S. manufacturers that have passed requirements for producing exceptional quality health supplements.)

4. Grown From The Ground Up:

At MFN, we don't ever sell hype, use misleading claims, employ fad ingredients, or make false promises. Quite simply, the MFN product line is designed to improve your quality of life, while also maximizing your physical progress and unlocking your potential. Thus, our brand has grown by word of mouth, through those who have seen real results with our scientifically validated and professional strength formulas.  

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Our team consists of fitness coaches, medical experts, athletes and ambassadors who are all ready to help you become your best.

Mike Nguyen - CEO/World Champion Athlete/Fitness Expert

Instagram = mikepro_champion / Facebook = Mike S Nguyen)

Jeremy H. - EMT


Judi E .


Cynthia W.


Pauline L.


Kevin T.- Certified Personal Trainer/ B.S Kinesiology

Experience: 3 years Personal Training with Mike. 

Marc W.

Experience: 4 Years Training with Mike

Pha T.



Brian C. (Certified Personal Trainer)

MFN Coach & ISSA Certified Trainer



Britany W.


Bianca A.





Kristine.(Registered Nurse)

Experience: 3 Years Training with Mike. Vegetarian Plant-Based Athlete

Elyssa M. (Registered Nurse)











Dr. Lisa




. Instagram @beautywithanna


Coming Soon



Norman B.

- 3x National Powerlifting Champion & Upcoming ISSA Certified Personal Trainer