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Thank you for your interest in reselling MikeFit MFN Performance Supplements and Natural Health Foods. 

Our Wholesale Program is Perfect for the Following Businesses: Wellness Centers, Private Practices, Retail Food Stores, and High-End Fitness Studios. You and your team will have the ability to provide your clients and customers truly unique and proven products that can add value to your business, attract health oriented target market which ultimately leads to new growth. Partner with MikeFit MFN; a world class company that is known for helping thousands of people perform and feel their absolute best.

How to Open a Wholesale Account:

  1. Register an account with us here! 
  2. Send a copy of your reseller’s business license to with the subject “wholesale account signup”.
  3. Wait for an email from MikeFit service team member, confirming that your application has been approved and transferred to a wholesale account. (about 1-4 days)
  4. Log on with your account and begin ordering online with your special bulk pricing. Minimum order is 20 units for wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Pricing & Tax:

  • It is the wholesale member’s legal obligation to collect and pay sales tax to their state. Wholesale prices are only for products that will be sold at retail with sales tax. Like all companies who sell at wholesale, we do not charge sales tax because it is the wholesale member’s legal obligation to collect sales tax from their customers when they resell our product, then pay it to their state.

Thank you for partnering with us!