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MikeFit Training Nutrition Coaching

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Success Stories

Jessica (Personal Training Review)

Mike was able to help me get into my all time best shape in just several months. Thanks to him, I feel I have improved my overall wellness, outlook, and mindset. I am grateful that I chose Mike as my trainer in San Diego!read more...

Aubrey (Personal Training Review)

Mike is amazing! During our first session Mike right away put me at ease. He's relatable and provides words of encouragement throughout. He explains each workout in full detail—for optimal results, as well as breathing techniques. His workouts are extremely challenging and now I know why his clients hate leg days! read more...

Michelle (MFN Supplements Review)

I truly enjoy following Mike's training programs as each workout never fails to be challenging yet effective! I also noticed a big difference in my strength and recovery from using the MFN Fuel & Repair BCAA Pills. Thanks to, I can now push my body better than I ever thought was possible.  “ read more...

Lianna (Workout Guide Review)

There's SO MUCH to say about Mike and his training programs! I recently went through a difficult season in my life and I couldn't seem to be consistent with my workout regime or eating habits. So I decided to reach out to Mike on IG to try his Shred Program because I saw a few of my girlfriends doing it and they looked AMAZING. Honestly, I've been doing fitness programs for 8 years and his is definitely one to spice up your routine and reset your body. Thank you Mike! read more...

Geselle (MFN Supplements Review)

One of my favorite products is the MFN Probiotic Excellence Capsules which has truly changed my life. Their customer service is also the best ever and shipping is exceptionally fast. (Usually 1 day to ship) and delivered by day 3-4. You guys are the best! read more...

Robin (MFN Supplements Review)

Mike's nutrition plan and supplements has helped me feel so much better on a daily basis. I feel like a machine thanks to Mike!read more...

Latest News

  • Exercise of the Month - How To: Decline Barbell Bench Press

    The Decline Barbell Bench Press is a compound movement that is designed to increase the size and strength of the chest (particularly lower area) along with working the triceps and shoulders. Feel free to click on the video for demonstration! 

  • EDUCATION CENTER: Vital Organs & How to Optimize Them

    Here is a guide on the 4 major organs of the body, what they are responsible for, and how to improve them. Written By Coach Mike!

  • Q & A w/ Janessa - Diagnostic Medical Sonographer & MFN Health Pro

    Today we'd like to introduce you to Janessa Yumul, Medical Diagnostic Sonographer & MFN Performance Health Pro from Las Vegas. Tell the MFN community about yourself, what you do and the most rewarding part of your work:  Hello! My name is Janessa Yumul and I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. My family and I moved to Vegas from Cerritos, CA back in 2003 so I’ll always be a So-Ca...

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