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MikeFit Nutrition

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Success Stories

Jessica O.

Mike was able to help me get into my all time best shape in just several months. Thanks to him, I feel I have improved my overall wellness, outlook, and mindset. I am grateful that I chose Mike as my trainer in San Diego!read more...


Mike is amazing! During our first session Mike right away put me at ease. He's relatable and provides words of encouragement throughout. He explains each workout in full detail—for optimal results, as well as breathing techniques. His workouts are extremely challenging and now I know why his clients hate leg days! read more...

Michelle D.

I truly enjoy following Mike's programs and products as it has helped me push myself more than I ever thought possible! read more...

Rachel V.

Mike has helped me reach my fitness goal I've been dreaming for a long time! I've never worked so hard and had such wonderful results in a short amount of time. 8 weeks to be exact. I hate him when we're working out, but after seeing my results, I love him to death. Thanks Superman Mike! read more...

Kevin T.
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Within a 6 month period, I was able to increase my bench press from 185 pounds to 275 pounds with much better form while adding a little over 20 pounds of muscle which I never thought was possible to do. Thanks to Mike and his programs, I now believe there are no limits to what a person can achieve. read more...

Robbin L.
MMA Athlete

Mike is nicknamed "Superman" for a reason. Not only does he have strength and intelligence, he has always been a savior for my workouts. With his excellent supplement and nutrition suggestions, I am no longer wasting money and time with all the unneeded guess work! I enjoy training with Mike because he really pushes me during the workouts. I feel like a machine thanks to Mike!read more...

Latest News

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    Our new @mfnperformance collagen is now available on! - Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails - Helps Maintain Strong Bones & Joints - Youthful Appearance & Skin Radiance - Maximum Age-Defying Benefits + Optimal Gut Health Support - Zero Carbs, Fat & Sugar - ...

  • Training to be your personal best.

    No matter what your starting level is. You can still become great and reach your goals. Most often beyond. This is something I've seen with all my personal training and online coaching clients in the past 10 years. Whether its fat loss transformation, strength development or physique sculpting; ...

  • All About Whey Protein

    Protein is one of the main nutrients for lean muscle tone, maintenance and repair. If you're looking to transform your body by losing fat, making sure to consume enough protein is required to make sure your muscles doesnt become weaker and softer as you become smaller. High quality protein inclu...