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Mike Nguyen is an award-winning fitness expert, world champion athlete, author and successful entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. He is also the CEO of; a website that offers world class training services and MFN Performance, a rapidly growing nutrition company that offers professional supplements and educational fitness guides worldwide. As one of the world's top coaches, Mike holds a total of 5 certifications as a specialist in exercise, nutrition, fat loss transformation, women's fitness and sports injury rehabilitation and prevention. 
In addition, Mike is a highly accomplished athlete capturing multiple national and world titles in not one but two different sports including powerlifting and bodybuilding. Through his success in the fitness industry, Mike was able to work with thousands of people overcome their personal plateaus and finally achieve their goals. Mike prides himself on bringing only the highest quality products and information to his customers and hopes to see more people achieve their goals the same way he did himself and beyond.   

A Teen In Training: Mike started strength training at the young age of 13 in order to become more competitive for school sports. Throughout his teen years, as he became stronger and more confident in his physical abilities, naturally, Mike also became more confident with himself overall. Thus, it came as no surprise to those who knew him that by the time he graduated from high school, Mike had become a U.S National Powerlifting Champion - also known as the strongest teen in America.

Competing In College: While in college, Mike traded in campus parties and focused on his true passion. He continued to compete, training for the world championship title (which he won at age 19), while also earning his first formal exercise science certification through The International Sports Science Association. At age 20, he worked with a small list of personal training clients by day and held down a job at a natural health food store by night. The store—frequented by elite athletes, personal trainers, bodybuilders, strongman competitors, and Olympians—served as the ideal training ground. It was there that Mike learned all about his customers’ fitness journeys, including what they were doing physically, what they were eating daily, what supplements they were taking, and what kind of plateaus were holding them back from peak performance.

Learning On The Job (The Origin MFN): Mike started doing more research, searching for the root causes to common ailments. Among the athletes’ most common complaints were: digestive discomfort, mental exhaustion, joint aches, and poor sleep quality. Mike soon earned his second national certification, specializing in nutrition as well as a third certification as a specialist in metabolism and fat loss. He continued working with a growing list of gym clients, studying not only their physical progress, but also their entire mental health, sleeping patterns, daily energy fluctuations, and overall wellness. Mike continued to work on his own physicality during this time, strenuously prepping himself for another sport—and eventually winning first place at the NPC Men's Lightwieight Bodybuilding Championships. Throughout the process, Mike was vigilant about monitoring the supplements he took (and suggested to his clients). Dissatisfied with the options available in the market-place, Mike began buying single ingredients from different manufacturers and designing his own blends that he believed would create far greater benefits.

Making a Difference: After his big win, Mike was nationally published as a champion athlete on FLEX Magazine, as a guest star on several talk shows, and became a spokesperson for several leading fitness products. When he was asked to represent a prominent supplement company, he was naturally excited and asked the executives endless questions about their nutritional formulations…only to be met with vague and disappointing answers from every level of the organization. Mike quickly uncovered several loopholes affecting quality (ultimately designed to minimize cost), learned about dangerous ingredients and additives, and discovered that the products’ claims and labeling were misleading (at best). Sticking to his own code of ethics, Mike passed on the lucrative endorsement contracts, deciding to take matters into his own hands, instead. Thus, in 2010, when he set out to develop his own line of products, Mike didn’t want to just create supplements; he wanted to create a DIFFERENCE.

Formulating For The Good: Mike diligently worked on proprietary nutritional formulas that would help people accomplish the things they never thought they could, push past their personal plateaus, and feel great inside and out. He did exhaustive research and testing, working hand-in-hand with top world-class manufacturers and suppliers to source only the very best ingredients that could help people unlock their genetic potential while also being 100% safe and natural. Ultimately, Mike was able to develop a full professional product line through MFN Performance, that he was proud to use himself, happy to recommend to clients, and confident about sharing with his own family and friends. Today, Mike has grown all facets and continues to dedicate his life to research and making sure more people discover their full abilities. Through, he works full-time, transforming countless clients—both in-person, in the San Diego area, and online,—using his powerful individualized programs. “Of course, seeing people reach their goals is great to see” Mike explains, - “but, what is truly amazing is the fact that our customers say their quality of lives have also improved in every way.”