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MFN MikeFit Partner Discounts & Perks

As one of the leading fitness and performance companies in the world, MikeFit & MFN Performance has exclusive partnerships with many other brands, companies and organizations that shares our vision for the high performance lifestyle. For that reason, we are able to offer exclusive discounts, access and perks from our select partners to help you reach your goals.  Check back every so often because we’ll be adding to this list over time! 

Special Partner Discounts/Benefits for MFN/ Members - Competition Prep Team for Physique, Bikini, Bodybuilding & Figure

2949 Garnet Ave.

San Diego, Ca 92109

Owner : Pete Ciccone

619 Muscle is our recommended company for contest prep. Whether you are training for physique, figure, bodybuilding or bikini competition; the husband and wife couple of 619 Muscle will surely take care of you every step of the way. They are great friends of our MFN / MikeFit company and offer a special discount package for all MFN customers and members. Contact us to get you in touch with our recommended contest prep at 619 Muscle!

Bambu SD - Vietnamese Dessert, Coffee, Tea, & Specialty Items

4688 Convoy St Ste 105

San Diego, CA 92111

Hours: Everyday 11am - 10pm

Bambu SD is a popular franchise that started in Santa Ana with several locations. It's newest location is in San Diego specializing in coffee, teas and vietnamese desserts. On August 2018, our company partnered with BambuSD in order to provide an exclusive health and performance menu featuring our MFN supplement line. Our goal was meant to offer a convenient way to support fitness-driven customers who demand more for their bodies. Available drinks include Protein Cafe Mocha, Game on Tea, Yogurt Protein Smoothie and Pennyworth Green Juice. Visit them and ask for our Special MikeFit Menu!

Banh Mi BLVD - Sandwich, Springrolls, Asian Fusion, Coffee, Tea

9550 Mira Mesa BLVD

San Diego, Ca 9212

Hours: Open Everyday 8-8pm

Banh Mi BLVD is an asian fusion restaurant offering vietnamese banh mi, their popular banh mi tacos, spring rolls, and bbq items along with vietnamese coffee, tea and much more.  MFN Members receive 10% off their entire bill. Ask us for a free coupon! 

Iceskimo San Diego / - Healthy Asian Dessert & Shaved Ice

4609 Convoy St. Ste B

San Diego, CA 92111

Hours: Sundays - Thursdays 12pm - 10:00pm / Friday & Saturdays 12pm - 11:30pm

Iceskimo specializes in Taiwanese shaved snow, a hybrid between traditional ice cream and Hawaiian shaved ice. Their ice box is hand made from scratch using all natural ingredients. Each snow is shaved fresh to order using a custom machine to produce a refreshing treat lighter than ice cream and creamier than shaved ice. Our team frequently visits icekimo after our workouts and think they are awesome! Staff are friendly and the owner really cares about making great tasting and healthy Asian desserts. Ask us for a FREE coupon!

Nozomi La Jolla (Sushi & Asian Fusion Foods) /

4150 Regents Park Row #190

La Jolla, California 92037

Hours: Monday-Fridays 11am to 10pm. Saturdays 12pm-11pm. Sunday (Closed)

Nozomi La Jolla is an Asian fusion and sushi restaurant that offers all kinds of rolls, special sashimi, hot pot, curry noodles, sake, and much more. I personally know the chef very well and have ate at this place since 2006. Service is exceptional and decor is one of a kind. They have an indoor and outdoor seating that happens to have a flat screen tv and heated lamps.  Get a FREE appetizer coupon from us just ASK!

The GYM SD (Formerly World Gym)

2949 Garnet Ave. 

San Diego, CA 92109

The Gym SD is known for being one of the most hardcore gyms. Whether you're a fitness competitor, pro athlete or just a serious fitness enthusiast, this is your place to go for access to tons of great equipment. From over 20 different legs and butt building machines to free weights, dumbbell rack, barbell, powerlifting platform, and posing rooms. Contact us to get special membership pricing. 

Family Chiropractic

3650 Clairemont Dr. STE 2

San Diego, CA 92117

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Center for Balanced Training.

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International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) - Personal Training Certification

For those looking to get started in the fitness field, we recommend ISSA (The International Sports Sciences Association) as this is the school that Mike graduated from to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Ask us to give you a 20% discount off your enrollment!

Vietnames News Television (VNTV)

Channel 19 Time Warner Cable

VNTV broadcasts nightly Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM on Satellite Galaxy 19 SR-22000 Frequency 11929V and on channel 19 Time Warner Cable . Their goal is to provide shows that highlights upcoming stars, businesses, communities and lifestyle within the Vietnamese culture. Mike has also been on their show as a health and fitness expert. MFN members may request to be on the show to promote and share their special events, special charitable causes. 

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