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Product Review (submitted on July 4, 2016):
I purchased both the nutrition plan and support. Right of the bat, I asked Mike everything and anything, instead of getting annoyed or giving me a general cookie-cutter answer I'd get from Google, he answered every question and inquiry precisely, thoroughly, mindfully, and with much detail; he would even send me articles to follow-up on. I STILL get amazed of all the things he knows! ; From cures for aches & health fallacies, to bathroom habits and whether to go clubbing or not. Mike's nutritional plan wasn't just some universal sheet of paper he pulled out of a textbook or internet; he CREATES it for you and continues to adjust it for you based on YOUR needs, YOUR habits, and YOUR progress. Eating healthier and more consciously is also FUEL, not only for your training, but your daily life. Mike helped my changed my habits and soon enough, I started feeling better and better each day. I can't thank Mike enough, over and over, and repeatedly as many ways as possible for everything he has given me. My sense of hope in month 1, my energy and the feeling that I could conquer anything that came my way in month 2, and giving me my confidence and honest sense of strength inside and out in month 3. Somewhere along the way, it wasn't about the scale anymore; or the skinny jeans, or the bragging rights. Yes, it felt damn good going shopping for the first time in a long time and not feeling like climbing into a hole afterwards, but with everything I've learned, I will know and practice for the rest of my life, for me and my body. I am fit, and I am healthy. I FEEL beautiful again, and it’s priceless