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Personal Training w/Mike (SD,CA)

Personal Training w/Mike (SD,CA)

Product Review (submitted on April 6, 2020):
I am so happy to have Mike as my trainer. My hobby turned job is print and promotional modeling. On the same coin, I am a yelp-loving foodie who has an affinity for carbohydrates (noodles in particular!) As someone who has always looked to exercise for stress-relief, my lack of consistency has always been my biggest issue. Doing the same work-out/cardio routines got boring, and I felt myself slipping. Then I began working out with Mike! I’ve never considered weight/strength training for fear of “bulking up.” I know other girls out there share the same fear. Mike assured me that this would not happen, and that I would lean out and tone up. After every session, I leave dripping in sweat and with feelings of exhilaration. Mike challenges and pushes me past my comfort zone, and it’s made a huge difference. I see and feel the muscle tone and my body overall just feels stronger. He genuinely cares about his clients and their questions and concerns. I’ve also bought vitamins/supplements from his MikeFit nutrition line which have also been a huge aid in progress. (EFA Lean and Aminos!) I’m excited to continue working with him and hitting on my fitness and nutrition goals!