Vital Organs & How to Optimize Them

1: LIVER: Digest & process food while supporting detoxification.

Avoid/Limit Alcohol

Avoid Drugs

More Vegetables & Greens

Special Nutrients (Milk Thistle, Beets, Tea, & Tumeric)

2: KIDNEY: Filters blood by removing waste & maintaining fluid balance.

Drink Enough Water

Maintain Electrolyte Balance

More Antioxidant Rich Foods (Especially berries - all types)

3: BRAIN: Controls thoughts, memory, movements, speech & more.

Plenty of Good Sleep

More Healthy Fats (Especially fish, nuts, & eggs)

Mentally Stimulating Activities (reading, learning, planning, drawing, & problem solving)

4: HEART: Maintains healthy blood pressure, heart rate & blood circulation.

Limit Fatty Foods

Limit Sugar

Healthy Nutrition Planning


Stress Relieving Activities (yoga, stretching, meditation, playing with pets, & enjoying nature)

5: LUNGS: brings in oxygen to bloodstream to carry throughout the body.

Avoid Smoking

Minimize Exposure to Indoor & Outdoor Air Pollution

Practice Good Breathing Technique